Terms & Conditions



These general Terms & Conditions apply to the Services provided by Seascape, excluding any other terms that Client seeks to set or which are implied by trade or course of dealing.


Seascape ensures a safe sailing experience based on the below mentioned terms and conditions for our customers:

  • All our motorboats available for rent meet the provisions of the Port General Regulation Nr 38 (Government Gazzete B’ 2390/2019).
  • Should a motorboat’s horsepower be less than 30hps, no license is required. 
  • Boats must be returned by the agreed time and before sunset. Sailing after sunset is strictly prohibited.
  • The operator of the vessel must have an operational fully charged phone on board. 
  • For online bookings through our website, the full fee of the rental is charged to secure your booking.


  • Full refund is offered if the cancellation is made ten (10) days or more before the cruise date. 
  • Sixty percent (60%) or an alternative date, if possible, is offered in case of adverse weather conditions.
  • Fifty percent (50%) refund is offered if the reservation is cancelled 9-3 days prior to the cruise date.
  • No refund is offered for cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the cruise date.
  • You need to be at the Marina of Vlychada at least 30 minutes before the rental period begins and in time for the safety and equipment briefing. The reservation is regarded as a no-show if there is a delay of more than 15 minutes into the briefing.


  • The operator of the vessel must be physically able to perform the tasks involved in the safe operation of a boat. We reserve the right to refuse to rent to anyone who is not capable of safely operating the boat or of understanding the terms of the rental agreement. 
  • The use of alcohol and toxic substances by the operator of the vessel is prohibited.
  • A brief explanation of the basic safety rules and rescue equipment, as well as a demonstration of the operation of the boat will be given to the person designated as the operator of the boat.
  • The person designated as the operator of the boat agrees not to allow any of the passengers during the rental period to navigate the boat. All passengers board the boat at their own risk and should avoid any behavior, on board or at sea, that would endanger themselves or others.
  • The operator must comply with the basic safety rules regarding the handling of the boat and in general the applicable legislation regarding traffic at sea, diving and fishing. In case of any incident, the operator will bear all responsibility and will be held accountable to the competent Greek authorities. 
  • The boat is not allowed to be used: a) for the transport of persons or objects for a fee; b) for participation in speed races; c) for the transport or movement of heavy luggage or objects, drugs, weapons or any other objects or persons whose transport is prohibited by the provisions in force or is likely to cause any danger to the safety of the vessel, its occupants or third parties, d) outside Santorini island and the adjacent islets and small islands e) in violation of any applicable regulation and g) in the course of any activity (primarily or incidentally) which is contrary to law and morality.


  • The boat is insured against third parties for personal injuries, property damage or environmental pollution.
  • Seascape accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to the personal belongings of the Client or any other person on board during the rental period.
  • The client is committed to deliver the boat to the receiving state. Any damage caused by misuse or negligence shall be borne entirely by the client.


  • The rental period will commence once the full amount of the cost of services has been paid along with a 500€ security deposit.
  • Seascape leases and delivers the boat in perfect condition, having been inspected in accordance with the applicable regulations and without any problems in the operation of the main and auxiliary propulsion engines.
  • The vessel is equipped with all the statutory equipment.
  • At the time of leasing, all documents required by law will be provided.
  • With regard to fuel, the boat will be delivered with full fuel tanks and the lessee will pay for the fuel spent at the end of the rental period. 
  • The lessee is also obliged to deliver the vessel in the condition in which it was received.
  • The lessee will be liable for any damage not due to the normal use of the boat and the lessor reserves the right to claim full compensation for such damage.
  • It is understood that the boat will be delivered on the date of booking, only if weather conditions permit. Under no circumstances will boat deliveries be carried out if the competent Greek authorities issue a refusal to sail.
  • If the boat is not returned on the agreed time and day, there will be an additional charge.
  • In case the boat is returned earlier than the agreed time, no compensation will be paid.


Neither party shall be responsible for default or no- performance of the agreement to the extent that is caused by any event beyond reasonable control of the parties including, but no limited to, acts of God, strikes, pandemic, lockouts, or other labor difficulties (provided they are not as a result of the personnel of the party seeking to rely on that particular event), criminal acts, fire, or flood. The affected party shall make reasonable efforts to avoid, minimize or prevent the effect of such force majeure event.


Seascape may use photos or videos taken during the use of the vessel for promotional purposes on social media, always with the express consent of the person featured in them. In the event that an individual does not wish to use the aforementioned material, it will be fully respected.